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About MZK!M

Kimberley T. Zulkowski (MzK!m) has always been a believer in making a statement, and has overcome any obstacles that have been in her path.

She has succeeded in giving back to her community by launching two successful companies. Faith Family Services, Inc - a home healthcare agency which assists individuals with disabilities by caring for them in their home instead of a facility. Harmony Social Services Child Placement Agency, Inc.- a foster child agency set up to place abused, and neglected children into the hearts, and homes of people willing to love and nurture them.

She has been an active member in her community by being a participant at city council meetings.

She has created the Talitha Cumi Fund in order to assist families affected by violence by aiding with funeral expenses

She has created a scholarship program, Margie's Legacy, which raises funds for foster girls with college aspirations.

MZK!M's tireless efforts as a champion of human rights, and active member of her community led her to receiving the National Black Administrator Award in Washington D.C. in appreciation of her commitment to making the world around her a better place.


She created MzK!m PRODUCT!ONS which is a film production company that Co-Produced “Grandma’s House” (2016) in Hollywood, and is currently seeking distribution.

She Co-Produced “The Last Day” (2016) short film

She is currently in Post-Production of the Movie 53206 Milwaukee which will expose the mass incarceration, poverty, and violence that occurs within the 53206 zip code of Milwaukee. 53206 Milwaukee showcases the talent of an all Milwaukee Cast.

She is currently in Post-Production of the short film "Tiff"

Her movies are designed to be life changing experiences for the viewers. Many of the films produced by MZK!M PRODUCT!ONS are based upon real life events.





.: Overflow Entertainment


We are proud to announce that we are currently working with Director Paul D. Hannah of Overflow Entertainment!

.: Grandma's House

Kimberley T. Zulkowski, Executive Producer/Producer/Writer

Paul D.Hannah, Director/Producer



Loretta Devine, Coco Jones, Flex Alexander, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Jordan Calloway, Jazsmin Lewis, Alex Thomas, Stephen Bishop, Paige Hurd, Chris Brew, Ashlee Brian, Izak Zulkowski, Jakab Zulkowski, and Kloe Zulkowski!











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